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    Memories of Scotland: Boat of Garten Rail Yard

    If you love UK place names like I do, you have to love 'Boat of Garten' . . . Here I found a wonderful rail yard of derelict rail stock and an old steam yard locomotive.


    What a photographer's dream!  A weathered locomotive!


    Old passenger cars from a bygone era.


    Train rolling stock was scattered about.  Some of them appeared to be occupied.  A self portrait!


    Some of the rail cars were being used as storage containers. There is a strong movement of railway preservationists in the UK.


    Here's something you don't see every day: a train with a steering wheel! 


    A stamp on the frame noted this car was built in 1906.  Imagine the journeys taken in this car!


    Restoration parts and pieces storage.


    Such a wonderful machine!


    Classic locomotive photo in HDR.  I know it's become ubiquitous, but I just HAD to.


    These rolled through the UK . . . and UK History.


    I was so happy to have found this old rail yard.


    There were some people working up in the switching tower (left), but nobody came out to say Get Out.


    I'm not too sure what the intended purpose was for this track machine.  It did have a steering wheel, which might have been used to lower the plow.


    The rail yard was littered with stacks of parts and pieces of . . . who knows what.


    Parts to make the industrial train system work.


    Cap head screws.


    An old rail crane.


    As I was leaving, assuming I had seen the best of the old rail yard, I happened upon this amazing study in shape and texture, light and shadow.


    Someone's workshop.


    Lovely flat light.


    Inviting, in a spooky kind of way . . .


    We stayed the night at the Strathallan B&B in the village of Grantown-on-Spey.  It was sweet . . . and they served a huge and delicious breakfast.


    Grantown-on-Spey is not an ancient town, but a planned settlement (1765) which would be a gateway to the Highlands.  There were some very beautiful neighborhoods.


    The B&B had a fine flowering garden.


    One of my my greatest memories of Scotland will be the quaint stone cottages.


    Downtown Grantown-on-Spey.


    We drove up and over the Highlands and back to Aberdeen.


    Although it was an overcast day, the Highlands shone with color and light!


    A beautiful valley in the Scottish Highlands.


    Stone walls, deep valleys, heather and heath . . .

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