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    October Thai Visitors = Scottish Road Trip

    I love having friends and family visit us here in Scotland . . . we get to take them around the country and share good times together.  I also get to take my camera and shoot some pics.  We headed south out of Aberdeen for a little time in Edinburgh first.


    The Royal Mile is always the first stop in Edinburgh.  Although it is touristic, it is also stunningly beautiful.


    The Scottish Parliament sits astride the Royal Mile.


    The philosopher Hume called Edinburgh home, as does this bonny lass busking with her pipes.


    The Royal Mile leads up to Edinburgh Castle.  I loved this old cafe truck.


    I bought a cafe latte here . . . of course.


    Edinburgh Castle dominates the city skyline . . . and is absolutely fantastic.


    The Edinburgh Castle drawbridge and gate.  There has been a castle on this location since at least the 2nd century AD, although there have been many rebuilds and additions since then.


    Once inside the castle walls, an ancient world unfolds.


    Edinburgh Castle is a 'living' castle: these offices are in current use by the Royal Family for administrative purposes.


    Inside the castle walls.


    I love that the Scottish National Trust has young men circulating in period WWI military dress . . . a reminder of wars gone by . . . and the human toll.


    Of curse, the castle is a defensive position and is ringed with canon emplacements.


    The gun emplacements had the best views of Edinburgh.


    Looks dangerous.


    It's always good to have the high ground in a siege.


    There are wonderful views of Edinburgh city from the castle ramparts.


    A small chapel within the castle walls.


    We were at the castle as soon as it opened in the morning . . . to get the best photo opportunities, but it quickly filled up with tourists.  Here, an inner courtyard outside the grand hall.


    Inside the magnificent grand hall!


    A sumptuous castle interior.


    We enjoyed several days of sightseeing in Edinburgh, but the call of The Highlands and more historic sites beckoned.


    From Edinburgh we headed northwest and to ancient town of Dunfermline, which served as the royal capitol of Scotland until the 17th century.  Here we have the ruins of the 11th century Dunfermline Palace.


    Dunfermline Palace ruins.


    Adjacent to the palace ruins sits the intact Dunfermline Abbey (c. 1128).  A perfect October day in Scotland!


    The immense ancient Dunfermline Abbey. 


    The interior view of the old section of Dunfermline Abbey.


    Beautiful vaulted ceilings.


     A working mill near Pitlochry.


    We actually bought 'heretage' stone ground organic flour from the mill . . . it makes the BEST pan cakes!


    A stunning scene.




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