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    Back from Philadelphia & Baltimore, USA

    I am just back from a quick trip to The States.  I got to see my wonderful daughter in Philadelphia on my way to attending an international conference in Baltimore.  Unfortunately I got food poisoning at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Newark, New Jersey on the way that put a damper on my time in Philadelphia.  I recovered by the time I got to Baltimore . . . and the National Aquarium.  Here are some photos from the trip.

    Baltimore harbour from the hotel window.

    These things seemed to be left over from the last Ice Age in Baltimore Harbour.

    A view to the US National Aquarium where, interestingly, they have a lot of fish that you can photograph!

    A Box Fish head . . . . .

    A Large Mouth Fish . . . . .

    The underside of a Sting Ray . . .

    They even had some snakes in the habitats at The US National Aquarium.  See more photos from the National Aquarium in my Travel Photo Blog section.

    Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

    I finally found the 'last lens I needed' for my camera bag.  I now have a lens for every situation I may encounter in my travels: the amazingly sharp Sigma 70mm DG Macro. I shot some test shots in my garden when I got home and they were stunning.  I remembered that I have more then 100 flowering tropical plants in the garden, so I have opened up a new section in the Travel Photo Bank called "My Garden Flowers & Leaves" -- check it out -- it will grow as I take new photos and go through my collection. A few samples:

    Ah! Nature!

    Yes, these orchids just grow outside on their own . . . . on the trunks of my palm trees.

    Down for a new engine

    I woke up at 5:00 this Sunday morning and trailered my race car the 150 miles across Thailand to the race shop that will be installing a new supercharged race 1UZ V-8 engine.  It will be about eight (8) weeks before I will see the race track again . . . but when I do . . .  it is going to be really fun with a blown and injected HEMI! You can check the progress at my Racing Projects Blog link.

    6:30am: Getting ready for the long trip down the road. Owning a race car in Thailand has been a lot of fun . . .  and very interesting.

    New Krabi, Thailand Photos Added

    I have added many new photos from our beach resort vacation in Krabi, Thailand to both the Studies of Stuff and Stacks of Stuff and the My Beloved Thailand sections (both are within the Travel Photo Bank). My long summer vacation is almost over . . . I go back to work on Monday . . . but these photos are nice memories for me.  I have attached a couple of sample photos here.

    Race Car Progress

    Well, I was out at my trackside race shop on Tuesday with Khun Mac and his helper for a testing session.  GREAT! All the little gremlins that had plagued my race car for the last couple of months have been repaired . . . and Khun Mac laid on an excellent tune in the MicroTech ECU.  IT RAN GREAT! I hope to be racing this Saturday night!

    There is also progress on the 1UZ V-8 engine build-up.  Go to the RACING PROJECTS BLOG section for more info.

    I spent all day last Friday with a long-handled scrub brush and industrial cleaner getting my shop floor clean! Ugh! My back is still killing me . . . but it looks great with a new coat of industrial sealer on it too. I also tidied up all the work benches and shelves.  I am ready for a new season.